I made this dessert for Rosh Hashanah dinner (other recipes to follow).  I wanted to make something to share with our guests as well as banging out a new recipe for TWD so i was excited that this would fit the bill. We ate as much of it as we could (it was yummy) and then I took the rest to my parents house over the weekend. When I talked to my mom on Monday, she said that she was contemplating throwing the rest of it out because she couldn’t stop eating it. 

 One funny story: When I was making the caramel for the topping, Aaron ran into the kitchen while it was cooking to “help” AKA take over and went to stir it. I then shrieked (!) don’t stir it!!!!!  and then he preceded to put the spoon down and run his finger over the caramel that had dropped off the spoon. Of course, he burnt himself and I couldn’t help but laugh! and then I felt bad because he was burn pretty badly. That’s what he gets for coming into my kitchen!!! 🙂  here are the pics!