I was very excited about the Double Crusted Blue Berry Pie selected by Amy of South In Your Mouth. The Blueberries here in the tri-state area have looked amazing!!!   When we entered Wegman’s this weekend they were just unpacking crates and crates of farm fresh NJ Blueberries!  YUM!!   I had Monday off from work (thank you four day weekend!) so I decided to make the pie to have after dinner. The berries were so sweet and juicy and the dough for the crust was so buttery and light, I was seriously excited.  Dorie’s recipe used significantly more shortening and butter than my mom’s recipe that I’m used to. I used frozen ingredients, but still had some difficult rolling out the dough. For the bottom crust, I actually ended up “patching it” with the  extra dough that I had left over.   I also used lime zest and juice instead of lemon.  The pie turned out AMAZING! The crust is so buttery and sweet and perfect compliment to the berries.

On my way to work today, I told my grandmother about making the pie. She laughed and said that when she was pregnant with my mom she made so many blueberry pies before she was born in August, she is just getting to the point where she can eat them again (my mom is 54) — I told her she hadn’t tried mine yet 🙂