I actually baked this recipe a whole week ahead of time but because of a very busy week that included a bachelorette party, the 4th, a wedding and a busy time at work, I am not getting around the posting it until now. The recipe was selected by Karina of The Floured Apron. I made the scones to have along with the Barefoot Bloggers Parmesan Chicken one night when I got home early from work. I had forgotten to pick up dried apples, so I just used fresh and chopped them up pretty small. I also didn’t have grated Cheddar, so I used cheddar.  The scones were delicious and tasted very cheesy and light. I think I may have under-baked them, so next time  I will attempt to leave them in the oven a little longer. Overall, two thumbs up! especially with some butter, yum!