I would be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated by this weeks recipe the Peppermint Cream Puff Ring selected by Caroline of  A Consuming Passion. I had never made the choux dough before and I don’t have a pastry bag! so, we were already off to a rough start! 

I think overall, it came out pretty tasty.  i thought that the dough would have puffed up a little bit more, but it ended up having a nice flavor and a little bit of crisp. 

I used fresh mint from our garden, which was exciting! The mint flavor was very tasty and the flavor didn’t overwhelm the cream. I also had a similar problem to other bakers that when I added the sour cream, the cream got somewhat liquid. I just mixed up a little more whipped cream and dumped some of the liquid out and combined them together.  It piped out nicely and it held up to the weight of the top half of the ring. 

The mint and the chocolate glaze tasted really yummy together and it ended up being a refreshing summer dessert. We took it over to a friends house for dinner and everyone really enjoyed it.  It was something somewhat special (ie,. time consuming) and I think I would make it again if I had a lot of time!

Enjoy the pictures!!