The day before the recipe was selected by Marie of A Year from Oak Cottage was posted on the TWD website, I had purchased a beautiful quart of Jersey strawberries at the “Happiest Place on Earth” WEGMANS!. My parents, grandmother and brother were also coming to stay with us for a night on their way home from St. Simon’s Island so I was excited to have something to share with them (and to get it out of the house faster!!). For the full recipe click on the link to A Year from Oak Cottage.

Amazingly, I had all of the ingredients in the house:

I had never made this type of dough before and I was surprised how little flour was needed in comparison to the amount of butter!

As the ingredients were mixing in the food processor, I was questioning how/when they were going to turn into dough. But, just how Dorie suggested, the ingredients suddenly turned into this crumbly dough like substance and it did start making strange noises! i was delighted by her accuracy!

The product was indeed crumbly and needed to be kneaded together a little bit. My tart pan was 11 inches instead of 9, so I increased the flour and the butter by a little bit. I probably should have done a more exact math to figure out the measurements, as I did not have any extra left over to “patch” (thankfully, I didn’t need it). The dough easily pressed into the pan and I did not have any problems with it not sticking.

I put the shell in the freezer over night and baked it the next morning. It baked nicely in about 25 minutes and turned a very pretty golden brown.

The strawberries that I used were absolutely wonderful– so fresh and sweet. I did add a little bit of pepper but did not have any of the liqueurs in the house (maybe next time!). I used triple fruit jam from Wegmans and Kool Whip. I was going to make homemade whipped cream but didn’t get anywhere to get heavy whipping cream. The tart shell was crumbly and almost cookie like with a nice sweet flavor. Everyone loved it!